Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz

“Your love's like rhinestones, falling from the sky~”

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Your love's like rhinestones, falling from the sky~

RobertoLM 22 Nov 2013

Not seasonal. Just love the song.

kenlowery 24 Dec 2011

i havent even listened to this album. it's just catchy as fuck

Kasael 12 Sep 2014

Rhinestone Eyes is such a great song.

roscone 6 Mar 2014

#TheRoadto500. TIMJ for Rob. I have shared my obsession for music with my children. (Sorry family about the over playing of some albums...) From time to time, they will try to share a new band they have heard with me. Most of the time, I have heard the song or of the band and bore them to death with other songs by the band or information I deem important. Not so with Gorillaz, my son played Clint Eastwood for me and I was hooked. This is my favorite song (at the moment). Why you ask? Is it the beat? Damon's singing? Anyway..its my favorite.. and for a special treat here it is live on David Letterman... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCu_4tWnQBU   13

christineb 29 Aug 2015

Your love's like rhinestones falling from the sky

OldManJenkins 3 Dec 2014