Stylo by Gorillaz

“Cue the long hot summer.”

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Cue the long hot summer.

southpaw211 17 Jun 2015

Overload, overload, coming up to the overload.

jeremybanana 22 Nov 2013

Some #SaturdayMorningCartoons, anyone? #Gorillaz #Stylo #jampreserves #thisismyjam #lastjams   4

deejay 19 Sep 2015

My small children loved Gorillaz, and this video and song is still a fave. I was working in an office with a young guy called Wil - my kids still think the character, Murdoc, is actually called Wil simply due to the resemblance! This is a well-put together project - animation with live footage, Bruce Willis, a car chase, guns, and a C minor bass driven groove with eclectic noises and vocals. All great fun. Wish it made more sense and joined up into something fresh, but hey, it's a cool thing whatever. Enjoy!   8

daved 27 Nov 2014

Something a little different today

Dosman 11 Feb 2015

'Overload, coming up to the...' Turns out I have never jammed a Gorillaz track. That mistake is rectified now!   2

CallumPetch 11 Nov 2012