Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye feat. Kimbra

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but skr was first  

Bloody marvellous stuff, especially when it really gets going about half way through   1

LoveridgeLizzie 8 Sep 2012

This has been stuck in my head recently.   1

SamJeffreys 27 Feb 2012

Not my normal type of jam! found this last night ,thx to @ashishbihani ''Inside the Cactus blog....Dont know anything bout them got me.!the power of the lyric,superb video.(when i have time i will investigate) I think we've all been there-so close,then*nothing! '' You didnt have to cut me out! Treat me like a stranger.''......''.change your number.''*   35

lynn200 9 Jan 2014

Thanks to Kelly for reminding me how much I love this song. Mi manchi, brutto :P

casmith512 8 Nov 2012

Normally I don't like 'tinkly' music, but I like this one.   2

Redwoods1 10 Jun 2012

One of my favourites songs of all times. Not kidding. Now Record of the Year at the Grammy's.

carorosales 11 Feb 2013