Bronte by Gotye


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RIP Max , my beloved companion and foot warmer.

CalliopeTreize 10 May 2013

When it comes to the time of day I do most of my thinking, this song is usually what's playing through my head.

Reckoner 31 Jan 2014

This song, combined with its video, makes me tear up. Lovely.

Seraphim2150 20 Nov 2012

We will be with you and hold you till you're quiet. It hurts to let you go.

zhangyixing 15 Nov 2014

Softly meditative. The animated vid is wonderful. "Bronte" by Gotye.

terrytyson 3 Feb 2014

Incredible animation set to some stirring music & lyrics by Gotye: "Now your bowl is empty /And your feet are cold / And your body cannot stop rocking / We will be with you / And hold you till you're quiet / It hurts to let you go"

dpankar 27 Feb 2014