Eyes Wide Open by Gotye

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[we’re all in the same boat, staying afloat for the moment.]   2

marthadear 6 Nov 2011

Gotye is an amazing musician. Am I a hipster to post a song by him that isn't Somebody That I used to Know?   6

derf 12 May 2012

I feel like this song can somewhat express my back to school blahs. Bring on the seasonal depression lol

chalkprincess 10 Sep 2014

I work at McDonald's (Don't worry I'm only a student, I'll have better some day.) and there I'm forced to listen to the radio. But when I first heard Somebody That I Used To Know I already liked it. When I read that he sounds like Peter Gabriel and Sting I started to listen to his music, and I can't say he sounds like them that much, but he sure is one of the only modern artists making good music, and making mirrors. This song is the one I adore the most at the moment.

MaxVerweijen 22 Oct 2013

"Everything we had, everything we did, is buried in dust, and this dust is all that's left of us"

next12exits 25 May 2013

ooooh. relevant.

c0ntinuity 14 Jul 2013