Slave to the Rhythm by Grace Jones


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but jpob was first  

Orchestra? check, Grace Jones? check, er, hula hoop.... check   1

frenchbloke 8 Dec 2014

OBSESSED with the video and the song. Trevor Horn <3. Jean-Paul Goude <3.

ashleyluvspizza 17 Dec 2014

totally going through a grace jones phase. hopefully it won't pass quickly.   4

ThingInABook 11 Sep 2014

Because this is still a really, really good record and she has made some outstandingly good tracks over the years.   11

loboska 13 Mar 2015

Gotta love grace   1

Cath 24 Sep 2014

Jaw-droppingly good backing track.   3

ColinDotAuld 17 Jan 2015