So You'll Aim Toward The Sky by Grandaddy

“When these guys were good, they were so good.”

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When these guys were good, they were so good.   1

woodpigeon 4 Sep 2012

Jam inspired by the film Lawless. There's a cover version on the soundtrack, but the original is sublime.

leesomers75 11 Feb 2013

staring up at a starry sky

IanFurgie 29 Mar 2012

I have vivid recollections of weeping unrestrainedly while listening to this song   7

silvershroud 17 Apr 2013

Just beautiful. A simple, fragile groove with sweeping strings.

simonwalker353 10 May 2013

In honor of The Space Jump!!! So you'll aim toward the sky And you'll rise High today, fly away...   1

TechnicolorWave 14 Oct 2012