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#FunkyFriday One of the anthems of Hip Hop, I have to be honest I just recently learned the song's title, all I knew was the rhythm   3

maodiver 22 Jan 2015

Rats in the front room, roaches in the back, Junkies in the alley with a baseball bat I tried to get away but I couldn't get far cause a man with a tow truck repossessed mah caaar

Abstract 9 Mar 2014

So to all the fans of the current hip hop trend, take note & listen to some REAL HIP HOP. You call it OL'SKOOL? I CALL IT A LESSON!

pinoywarrior70 10 Feb 2015

Tried to jam "Gold" but WMG didn't like me trying that.

FinlayJHall 23 Dec 2013