Sleeping Ute by Grizzly Bear

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Ready for the first new Grizzly Bear song in 3 years? Here's track one from the upcoming album.   1

ian 5 Jun 2012

Loving this new album...

bombasticky 20 Sep 2012

Grizzly Bear play Brixton in October This is from the forthcoming new album Shields.   1

ATPFestival 31 Jul 2012

sounds pretty good, love the guitars and the psychedelic folk   1

alamon86 16 May 2014

"So I'll walk out these wandering dreams, up the north road dressed gold and green. If I could lie still as that great hill, but I can't help myself"   1

rkientz 28 Nov 2013

Just a beautiful song. Stunning acoustic guitar towards the end :-)

MirandaKitten 19 Apr 2015