While You Wait for the Others by Grizzly Bear


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Saw them six days after TMoE. Their lightning and stage effects on this song blew me away, and I'm still not entirely sure why.

uublog 8 Sep 2015

I'm wearing my crazy three-eyed cat GrizzlyBear tee shirt today. #reasonstoJamGB   3

geospiza_fortis 25 Sep 2015

So I'll ask you kindly to make your way...   4

hindle4 8 Mar 2012

Grizzly Bear were great live. At the time this came out, I was listening to a lot of St Vincent, Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, the National and Magnetic Fields (&c), and all this lo-fi stuff seemed to fit my mood. We had a cotton-wooled world with a broken-sleep-patterned wife, a toddler and a baby to Ssh around. This track will forever remind me of that surreal period of parental concentrated attention where everything was set aside, except for music on headphones.   5

daved 28 Aug 2015

"So I'll ask you kindly to make your way..."

TBBYNH 8 Jun 2014