Will Calls (Marfa Demo) by Grizzly Bear

“From the new Shields: B-Sides release. Lovely bookends.”

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From the new Shields: B-Sides release. Lovely bookends.

jamesholloway 14 Nov 2013

A great non-album track that will be included in the Shields Extended release...   5

stiofandafyyd 18 Sep 2013

Current obsession. Fabulous song, from a fabulous album. #grizzlybear #bestof2013

CreepyUnknown 5 Dec 2013

Can't believe I only just got round to listening to the 'Shields' B-sides.

Daish 4 Dec 2013

God. This. .... Words fail me.

lenirtpls 2 Dec 2013

It is a little ridiculous that this didn't make the cut for their last album, Shields, because it is really, really good.

matthewdipierro 26 Nov 2013