Call Across Rooms by Grouper

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Grouper.... is there anything NOT to love?   1

deliriumsfrogs 1 Oct 2014

Pardon me while I disappear into the new Grouper album for awhile.

blakegli 29 Oct 2014

the new Grouper album is the most delicate and beautiful thing Liz Harris has ever released.

TheMelancoholic 30 Sep 2014

this whole album is dreamy perfect.

whentheponydies 24 Feb 2015

yesterday i was thinking about how i wish there was new grouper and now there is

sconesaregood 11 Sep 2014

The fantastic Liz Harris returns with a track from her forthcoming album, Ruins. Stripped back and sonically austere, but poignant too.

BelloDiNotte 18 Sep 2014