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“brummpa-dumpa-dumpa, brummpa-dumpa-dumpa, brummpa-dumpa-dumpa, brummpa-dumpa-dumpa / key change!”

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brummpa-dumpa-dumpa, brummpa-dumpa-dumpa, brummpa-dumpa-dumpa, brummpa-dumpa-dumpa / key change!

moleitau 11 Apr 2015

Such a good album. Gruff Rhys at his Super Furriest.

arseheart 25 Oct 2014

Number 12 in my albums of 2014 is "American Interior" by Gruff Rhys. Saw the film of the same name the other day, which was excellent. This track features heavily throughout.   5

AndyWilkinson 27 Jan 2015

From my album of the year. This song is a great summary of John Evans's quixotic journey.

DobbyWooster 19 Dec 2014

I watched "American Interior" film yesterday in a independent film fest in BA and it's so amazing that I've loved the album before, but I'm an absolutely fan now!   1

laurafantyz 23 Apr 2015

When a musician proffers a book and film (not to mention, an app) to accompany an album, it's not usually a cause for optimism. But this is making me happy, so I really don't care.   2

thompsonsimon 2 May 2014