Teenage FBI by Guided by Voices

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Blatant attempt to hit 1,000 "Loves" this week.....

JamieOPR 12 Jul 2015

Are you still being followed by the Teenage FBI?   2

melvillean 1 Jul 2012

The great Guided by Voices, who it seems won't be playing in London next year now :-(

TiredHippo 7 Dec 2011

From the eternally underrated "Do the Collapse".   4

staticstudios 10 Feb 2014

"They're one of the greatest bands that ever lived."   1

mgrasso 27 May 2015

My favorite Guided by Voices song. Most GbV fans don't care for Do the Collapse, the album this is on, due to the fact that it was actually produced, as opposed to the Lo Fi that made them critical darlings.

gengelcox 19 Jan 2015