November Rain by Guns N' Roses

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but edokoa was first  

Listened to this for the first time in a while this evening and felt the urge to share - Enjoy!   1

ichurchill1 24 Jun 2015

Nothin' lasts forever #lastjams   3

SpaceGoatJr 20 Sep 2015

The biggest music video ever made, in every way. Slash, desert and choppers. The best.

marks 10 Feb 2015

Guns & Roses..November Rain..Love this..esp.solo by Slash #thumbsup!   1

sheepio 8 Feb 2015

Had to be done. Plus I'd forgotten how silly the video is...   4

TBBYNH 18 Nov 2013

Acoustic version from the "Unplugged!" bootleg...

zombierust 28 Sep 2014