Patience by Guns N' Roses


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Just a little...   1

mathjohnson 10 Jul 2012

'I've been walking the streets at night Just trying to get it right It's hard to see with so many around You know I don't like being stuck in the crowd'   2

abigail.deeks 13 Jul 2015

Said, woman, take it slow... It'll work itself out fine..... all we need is just a little patience...

GameroSays 10 Oct 2014

I've never posted G'n'R before and I choose a slow tune. It's a really darn good slow tune though...   4

kfarrnd 1 Oct 2014

I just learned how to play the solo to this so song! #Rockstar

TheBenThell 6 Apr 2015

I love/hate this song for being so relevant all the time. Some say patience is a virtue, but I believe it's a skill.

ashowpony 15 Mar 2015