Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses

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but Rain was first  

I love lip syncing to this! I've done it too many times to count...

aberrantanna 16 Nov 2014

For those whose work life often feels like that of Sisyphus.   8

Bukowski 7 Jan 2013

Perfection, to my ears.   1

EatMyHalo 8 Jul 2015

Anyone else been at war with their garden today?   2

Fullam 7 Mar 2015

Current status : NYC. Good luck you guyzzzz.

geospiza_fortis 24 Oct 2014

Then I discovered Appetite for Destruction. Bought it from Woolies (before they banned the cover) and was blown away by the attitude, Slash's guitar playing and the brilliance of the album. Shame that the initial line up didn't last longer.

silentbazz 18 Jul 2015