Honey & I by Haim


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but Schrik was first  

So this is a straight up Fleetwood Mac rip off.......and I'm fine with that, in fact if this was a food, I'd eat it off the floor.   1

kaispasha 18 Oct 2013

Probably my favourite song from the album, been listening to it non-stop all week!   1

lottiehaynes 6 Oct 2013

SO satisfied with the new album

maddi909 12 Oct 2013

It's been so long since my last jam, but in the time I was gone I became obsessed with Haim. Beware of more jams by them!

aliceallen 18 Feb 2014


HeatherQuinnell 9 Jul 2014

i agonised over the song choice for this for like two hours because i've been listening to this whole album STRAIGHT THROUGH everyday for the last week. twice a day. there are little background things i look out for in every song, like the chorus in 'days are gone' fading out for a sec and then the beat kicking in, or the drums in 'let me go' (a v close contender for this); my thing in'honey & i' is the whole second verse. what a fucking rad album.

falulatonks 26 Oct 2013