Oh Well by Haim


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It's good that Whistle Test-grade stuff like this still happens.

CThursten 2 Nov 2013


brunnaeyer 29 Jul 2013

Top 5 Glasto moments - No5: Always thought they sounded like an 80's Fleetwood Mac tribute band, but they showed me otherwise this weekend.   2

Maticubu 2 Jul 2013

One for Phyl,Haim proper live   1

Charlton 13 Apr 2013

I can't help about the shape I'm in: I can't sing, I ain't pretty, and my legs are thin. But don't ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to.   2

bbionic 15 Jan 2015

Newsflash! Old guy momentarily turns back on musical reminiscing, to get excited (well, nearly) about contemporary girly(ish) band reminiscing about band he still reminisces about. Now, I don't really do excited. Well, I do, but I'd call it selective agitation. Further, I don't do festivals. Too many young unwashed types, in a pogoistic frenzy & that's just in the portaloos. Something called 'T in the Park' took place over the weekend here in Alba & amongst the general ensuing racket, these lassies took to the stage & blew the effing brains out of one of my very favourite Greeny-era Mac toons. I know little of Haim & suspect this post will likely be my last dalliance with them. However, if this is all I ever hear, I'm delighted I stumbled onto them. So, it's not an original composition. Big deal. Can anything ever be truly original, once you've been around Planet Mad a while? If you're gonna' steal, make it worthwhile. Rather like this cracker...ps. That's the sun. In Scotland. Blimey.   63

21schizoid 14 Jul 2014