The Wire by HAIM

#1 in the CBC Radio 2 Top 20.

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#1 in the CBC Radio 2 Top 20.

jonaswoost 4 Dec 2013

HAIM being all like 'hey, play us in the spring sunshine'. I'm in no position to refuse.

mmemolly 7 Apr 2015

I can't stop listening to #Haim.   13

rvleonard 31 Aug 2013

Ok so these have been hyperhyped if you will, especially by NME. Also there's constant comparisons to Fleetwood Mac who I've never really listened to. These 2 factors mean I've always written these off as going to be average. Their band name is crap as well. So I go on to spotify to smugly prove myself correct as I stick on their brand new certain to fail debut, and from second one I think it's brilliant. Why the majority of pop music sounds so shit I don't know, THIS is what it should sound like! Hooks I actually hope are going to stick in my head. Side note: the jam I was going to put up before about 1 minute ago was Generation by Liturgy, so check out the worlds most ludicrous looping instrumental after you listen to Haim, hopefully your brain doesn't melt and squirt out of your skull like a deleted scene from Evil Dead :)   10

mjgBZ32 7 Oct 2013

And...  I'm back.   5

bonniebones__x 15 Oct 2013

always keep your heart locked tight don't let your mind retire #haim   1

jnetbybee 25 Mar 2015