Freak Like Me by Halestorm


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Every day is better with a little Lzzy

Wildthing34 14 Jun 2013

Lzzy! Lzzy! Lzzy! Lzzy!

ThePinkPhantom 21 Oct 2014

This is just a fun, staight ahead, sing along, rock tune. Nice riff too. #halestorm

iOverlord 16 Dec 2013

2 months until I get to meet the lovely Lzzy and the rest of the guys, not that I'm counting down the days or anything but roll on October 16th :)

Wildthing34 16 Aug 2013

Are you a freak like me? Unlikely, but Halestorm will accept you even if you're a underachieving freaklet.

SquidLord 22 Feb 2013

Play it loud

mr_andy_c 15 Dec 2014