I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) by Hall & Oates


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but kurtjx was first  

no can do.  so smooth.

kurtjx 3 Sep 2011

...and that's why I can't go for that.

whatsinaname 16 May 2015

One of my faves :) hehehehe I even requested this at a party in Burning Man with success, soooo sexy <3

Zoso 9 Sep 2012

Mainly because I had to just stop myself singing "I can go for that (Yes Can Do)' in the middle of a meeting.

MissCay 29 Jan 2013

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acardandagift 22 Oct 2013

synths + drum machine + Hall & Oates = epitome of smooth.   5

EmmaLou 26 Jul 2012