Without You by Harry Nilsson

“happy 71st birthday, harry. RIP”

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happy 71st birthday, harry. RIP

craftycrone 17 Jan 2012

Get the hankies out......   4

carolelh 16 Feb 2014

A classic song, but this particular version was forever seared in my mind by a scene from the film adaptation of "Rules of Attraction".   5

paul4tA 19 Sep 2015

#lastjam #finaljam #itsallover #goodbyetimj   2

vjcrystalising 19 Sep 2015

time for a new jam

shrewbie 22 Jan 2012

I was going to get to this jam eventually... quintessential tragic beauty, one of the ultimate songs of lost love.   5

TragicBeauty 3 Jul 2015