Master Of The Universe by Hawkwind

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No #spacerockweek would be complete without "The Wind". Originally on their 1971 album "In Search of Space" #spacerock   10

Axol 9 Feb 2015

Went to many Hawkwind concerts in the 70's and especially liked the light show by Liquid Len and the Lens Men.

kompani101 12 Apr 2013

An oldie from my fave band as due to buying another car I can't afford to buy any albums this week.

garyfrancis 26 Oct 2013

No silly little cars in the way.

JezBurtonshaw 24 May 2013

it's hawkwinds 44th birthday . keep on truckin'   1

BrianBonobo 30 Aug 2013

This one goes out to Knutpunkt and the progressive larp crowd - thanks for an amazing event.

JamesWallis 7 Apr 2014