Eighth Day by Hazel O'Connor

“Another Monday morning calls for a bit of Hazel O'Conner, here's a nice spiky jam”

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Another Monday morning calls for a bit of Hazel O'Conner, here's a nice spiky jam

wmunn1 31 Aug 2015

Oh, you know what... after last week's Jam, I've hardly had the Breaking Glass OST off my iPod. I'm astonished that it had been at least two decades since I even thought about this album as it's bloody amazing! I remember hearing this track on the radio and (block your ears) taping it - it's okay I bought copies later ;-) . I don't think it was on Peel, but it might have been on Kid Jensen or Annie Nightingale, either way, before it had charted. I took my ghetto blaster to college, played this and was told I was weird. I liked weird music. I was odd. Of course it was an enormous hit, everyone bought it, but I remained - and remain - weird. But I think what really gets me about this tune is the cold iciness of the vocal at turns going from questioning to sarcastic until it absolutely explodes with bewildered passion and betrayal. Those final "Amen"s still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Bloody marvellous.

attacksquid 7 Nov 2014

Behold what I have done // I've made a better world for everyone ...   6

Salvadore 13 May 2015

Breaking Glass

baldygit 8 Jun 2013

Watching Channel 4 and their End of the World program put this classic back in my head.

StillHonest1 4 Apr 2015

A classic from my youth. Go for it again Hazel!

chandlerbing007 14 Aug 2013