Will You? by Hazel O'Connor


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Before this was released as a single, and before the film, she played a couple of gigs at the Oasis Club in Rye. There were about 15 of us in the audience, if that. I wasn't supposed to be there (way too young), but was a friend of the owner's daughter...

markhyson 9 Sep 2015

Saw her live twice, before the film... only 15 - 20 people in the audience!!   3

markhyson 5 Oct 2013

Letter 'O' in my #ABCofPunk is for Hazel O'Connor. I was still at school when I saw her live, twice, both times at the Oasis Club in Rye... I can probably remember the face of every one of the crowd of 12 for the first gig and little more than that for the second. So I was probably around 15 and was friendly with the daughter of the owner. She was amazing. These were warm up gigs for the film 'Breaking Glass' which was produced by Dodi Fayed (amongst others) who also produced Hook and Chariots of Fire and had a thing with Princess Di. Anyway, back to the song, Will You features a gorgeous saxophone which was played by Johnny Fingers at the first live gig I saw (I think) and Wesley Magoogan (from Hastings, also in The Beat and played with Billy Ocean) who co-wrote the track with O'Connor. I didn't realise that she's still touring and had a new album out last year... I need to look into that.

markhyson 19 Jan 2015

My youth, back in the 80s, yeah not 1880s you funny lot   2

montybasset 20 Jul 2014

I so love this song.

marksingleton3 8 Mar 2015

But it's getting kind of late now I wonder if you'll stay now...

shibuyapurin 28 Jun 2015