Never Been Any Reason by Head East

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Head East is the dumbest, most obscure Classic Rock band, but I like this song.

Aldaviva 29 Jun 2012

Setting the Wayback Machine to 1975 for this bit of #ClassicRock. @HeadEastband "Never Been Any Reason." Enjoy! #MoreCowbell

kzone8 10 Oct 2013

My mom loved this song, eardrum splittingly so. This time last year we didn't know we only had a day & half left together.

francineshounds 9 Feb 2015

Save my life I'm going down for the last time...

tkohl 30 Mar 2015

Out of all the handful of songs Burgerville deems "classic Rock" this is one of the better ones. I even found my self singing along the other day. And it is undeniable how cool the synthesizer solo is.

jameslohkamp 24 Mar 2014

Another tip from 1976 this week, still soaking in the "Dazed" OST. A cracker, lovely keyboard section too. See you all next week.   1

GeekyBaz 9 Dec 2013