Crazy on You by Heart

“An oldie again but a nice one :-)”

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An oldie again but a nice one :-)   3

caronline 16 Jan 2014

great band,loved the midnight special.we've gone from this to Taylor Swift,and Beyoncé.is that progress???

clintrosencran 19 Feb 2015

Sometimes a girl requires a little Heart in her music rotation.   10

helloerica 27 Nov 2012

The Wilson sisters. *says no more*   8

BertrandRustles 14 Dec 2014

I un-ironically enjoy this, and so should you.

RandBallsStu 1 May 2013

Performed to this song at We Will Raqs You on Saturday night. It was awesome.   1

rawrchiteuthis 17 Feb 2015