Medieval People by Helium


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fsrlabel 14 Jan 2014

Perfect soundtrack for some Kelly Link or that, creepy, jaunty.

dieFALKENATOR 23 Jan 2012

I still adore this album after all these years. Helium's The Magic City. #thisismyjam

Pamela_Drouin 1 May 2014

an unexpected totally charming instrumental from their somewhat milder second full-length..

ak78 25 Sep 2013

A fan video. With imagery from a road trip of northwestern France. Super fun song from my favourite genius

joumasepoes 9 Nov 2012

from the much maligned era (seriously, every guy i have ever dated has a) loved Helium b) "but not anything after the dirt of luck with dragons and unicorns and shit"). the album still gets stuck in my head all the time, and it makes a lot of sense to me it was the direction Timony went in. also, clap clap clap clap!   4

ifjuly 18 Jan 2015