I Thought It Was You by Herbie Hancock


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Prime Herbie in full on Vocodered Jazz-Funk mode. Groove kicks in nicely at 5mins+

arewenotben 17 May 2014

First #funkyfriday for a few weeks

tarriqibrahim 11 Apr 2014

Sent to me by my wife. She knows how to start a week off right.

mayfairtheatre 27 May 2013

Before RUN DMC, break dancing and listening to Herbie’s Future Shock…..came Sunlight the 1978 jazz-funk, fusion album featuring Hancock’s vocals through a vocoder and performances by drummer Tony Williams and Jaco Pastorius on bass. Not as heavy as his early 80′s Electro stuff, but no longer jazz-funk fusion either, ‘I Thought It Was You’ sits somewhere in between. An oft overlooked cut but still real nice with it. #thethrowback #whenfricomes

WhenFriComes 5 Oct 2013

I was enjoying the Daft Punk album so much I thought I'd go back & check out the real thing...   1

TheMichaelMoran 20 May 2013

#funkyfriday   1

CaptainJam 17 Jan 2014