I Love It (Feat. Sia) by Hilltop Hoods

skattyadz’s jam on 8 Mar ’14 and then once after that (See all)

“Kings of aussie hip-hop”

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Kings of aussie hip-hop

skattyadz 8 Mar 2014

Wondering where the day went..

jonathanapples 19 Mar 2012

I love how Aussie Hip Hop is essentially people rapping about how nice things are instead of shooting dudes.

deliciousbees 18 Apr 2012

I Love it! oh and Sia!   1

therhodie 6 Jun 2012

I love it like take-away beer.

Scriberty 25 Apr 2012

Hilltop Hoods are the kings of Aussie hip-hop

skattyadz 8 Mar 2014