Violet by Hole

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My current fauvorite Hole song, @EdPeperkamp! Violet by Hole (with lyrics)

agquarx 8 Jul 2015

Ran out of jams about how shit is totally fucked up and racist, so I guess I'll just scream along with Courtney now :(   2

mtt 5 Dec 2014

At no point does Courtney Love sing WHAT ABOUT THAT WAMPY LOVE. I hear it, but no. Hole's "Violet":

schmutzie 9 Jul 2015

You should learn when to go/YOU SHOULD LEARN HOW TO SAY NO   1

tawnithan 17 Jun 2015

I watched 'Hit So Hard', the film about Patty Schemel from Hole, last night and it was excellent! I learned that drumming is a good thing and taking crack is by and large a bad thing.

Owlsoup 5 Mar 2015

Well, TIMJ peeps, I'm sad about the news. Since we only have a few days left to post, I'm going to be updating my jam as frequently as possible, featuring some of my all-time favorite songs, starting with this one. “Violet” by @holerock is my new jam.   3

LizaFZ 10 Aug 2015