Persian love by Holger Czukay

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Those who are slaves of the intellect and vain subtleties die amid quarrels on being and non-being. Go on, choose the juice of the grape, because idiots, having eaten dry raisins, turn into grapes. More Persian Wine Wisdom .... ........Roll out the barrel!   40

kemiladashdot 18 Nov 2013

from Holger Czukay´s album, "Movies" (1979 / Germany)

artbeat 9 Jun 2013

Decided to dig into the vaults for some of my all time faves for the next few jams. This one is simply beautiful and the use of voices, the ex-Can member and collaborator with many, I believe recorded direct from foreign radio stations is a stunning example of early "sampling".   2

garyprice265 19 Nov 2013

Digging it....   6

ArdPad 3 Jun 2013

jam of the ages (from "Movies" [1979])   5

bwhitman 24 Sep 2012