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AaronCobain 25 Jun 2014

it's happy. and talks about suicide. i love it.   2

chan 14 Apr 2015

A few words about your jam (optional)

summerluv418 30 Mar 2013

Heard this song on the radio the other day.

whoiscarl881 31 Mar 2014


Holly_Angeline 19 May 2013

[i was smoking straight through a pack with two of my friends and one of them played this. adam's song played first and we were all silent, i took the lyrics of the song in and walls around us came apart. i noticed he was crying from the song. it was still him, but in a way i'd never seen or imagined. it was raw; he was vulnerable, and yet so, so, strong. and i just looked at him unfold, as the song played. it was painfully beautiful. this was the next song he chose and i thought he was done being soft and this was a brighter song. then i heard the lyrics. i heard the way he sang it. it was a rather sad sort of awe i was in, and i don't know how to explain it - i am trying so hard to put it into words but] he told us he found his blades, and that he could've thrown them out but he didn't, and he wasn't sure why he didn't. and i just thought about the bottle of pills i had hidden in my room, and how i haven't thrown those out even though i could've

guppyjar 16 Jan 2015