Dumb Disco Ideas by Holy Ghost!

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but fuzzyghost was first  

Don't let that big idea go to waste now

cleanskies 15 Mar 2015

From funk to disco, there's only a thin line. Enjoy ! #lcdstyle   3

CreepyUnknown 19 May 2013

Still one of my favourite tunes of the last few years.

Trought4TheDay 4 Jun 2015

#holyghostnyc #dfarecords   1

fuzzyghost 14 May 2013

Dance! #HolyGhost #DumbDisco #ChimpbotRadio #Songoftheday https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chimpbot-Radio/263653866982890

gillig 2 Jun 2014

I could listen to this back to back all day and never get bored.   3

Trought4TheDay 28 Jan 2014