Ill Mind of Hopsin #5 by Hopsin

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but Jesus was first  

One of the best rap tracks since the young Eminem on it's Shady LP.

waik 8 Sep 2014

...the R&B message has gotta change...this is a good start!

CliveMcNeil 7 Mar 2013

One of the sickest rap songs I've heard in a while. I don't really like his other stuff, but this one... DAMN

markbao 23 Dec 2014

Plasma ball and a Beavis and Butt-Head throw, this crib is aspirational.

ges 28 May 2013

Recently listened to a number of Hopsin songs and I have been hooked

HAZMAT 9 Feb 2015

....right, that's quite enough Christmas for one year...

ZenPyramid 26 Dec 2012