Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene by Hozier


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but Hendubz was first  

Instant love story for new kid - self-taught guitar, the best blues influences, the best classical education, hyped to death, #back2attic all round!   6

Parleone 22 Jan 2014

I just wanted to jam some Hozier... | My another account:   6

HappyZebra 17 Dec 2014

If this song doesn't make you feel something, check your pulse.

mostlymuppet 9 Dec 2014

i can safely say 2014 was a great year for folk music, Hozier's debut is no exception.

mirvanahmad 17 Feb 2015

I was turned onto this singer by a friend recently and am hooked. Can't wait to hear a full album.

lesamourai 8 Mar 2014


gardnerhamish 31 Jan 2015