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Open hand or closed fist would be fine The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine   3

Cath 21 Dec 2014

Lovin this song!

morganmarkham86 16 Nov 2014

Because this song rips my guts out and I love it. It stays with me long after the music stops.

Sassafrassa84 30 Dec 2014

This song, all the time, I'm in love with this man and his lyrics if you haven't noticed yet.

staceybrine 2 Oct 2014

Jessa Johnson saidin youtube: "This song is so interesting and written so brilliantly...he's singing about being abused and cheated on by this woman, but he's still so drawn to her and tries to justify it. You don't often hear about men being abused by women and I think this is really eye-opening. How many men are abused by women but are too proud or too afraid to lose the woman to admit it? Such a great song, and Hozier is an amazing songwriter. Can't wait to hear more from him in the future. "

indielips 3 Aug 2014

I can't even explain.

chalkprincess 6 Dec 2014