Sedated by Hozier


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chrisshaffer96 2 Feb 2015

Any way to distract and sedate/adding shadows to the walls of the cave...

egosumdaniel 2 Sep 2015

De nieuwe Hozier.

Naituutstad 21 May 2014

Our teeth and lungs are lined with the scum of it.

alan 5 Oct 2014

such a great pop song about indifference and addiction. i must have listened to it 20 times last night. seriously. just a few thoughts, tho. 1) hozier always seems nonchalant about playing some music. he's the most laidback passionate singer i've ever heard. strange combination. 2) there is some serious man bun action going on in this band.

thismonograph 5 Jan 2015

My new favorite artist

jasmijndebree 25 Jul 2014