Back in Time by Huey Lewis & The News

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"Get back, Marty." #BackToTheFuture @Huey_Lewis_News

AbaOblongata 4 Jan 2015

Sometimes you choose the jam, sometimes the jam chooses you. I awoke with this in my head & it won't leave.   9

timmytherube 13 Nov 2012

Because "you know I'm fascinated by the temporal, Scott", as Kevin Smith would say...

Thrashbrowns 13 Feb 2014

This just popped into my head for some reason.   2

Olimite 6 Apr 2014

Jam of the Day: 19th of November. I honestly forgot what reminded me of the song and made me use over and over again. But who cares! P.S. I've graduated! Weeks ago actually.

GenZMetalhead 18 Nov 2014