Rain by Humble Pie

“We're still locked away in Beatlemaniac Towers, having high-level talks about our future. Needless to say we're both still so upset with the coming closure of TIMJ. This is a great, slow burning cover of John and Paul's classic song. It has the usual mighty performance we expect from Steve Marriott, but we love the other fantastic vocals from bass man, Greg Ridley. From their "Street Rats" released in '75. An album that apparently the band really didn't like and didn't want it releasing. It was eventually released without their permission and generally got hammered by the critics. The band did a farewell tour and disbanded, only to reform with some different members a few years later! #LongLiveTheJams .”

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This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by Beatlemaniacs in Aug 2015.