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Sorry for the absence of a video, but it was a case of good sound or good visuals - I went for sound!

darth_florist 11 May 2014

Most people obviously delighted by the casting announcement, but one person on my Facebook expressed disappointment that the 12th Doctor isn't Norman Watt-Roy, the Blockheads' bassist. I guess I can see that...   9

thesunneversets 5 Aug 2013

So this is a rejam. Sums up how I feel about the demise of TIMJ, but hopefully not of our community of Jammers. All this talk of #lastjams is just too much.

Fullam 21 Aug 2015

Not even Bowie is this cool.

Pinklilycat 8 Nov 2014

Legend Ian Dury introduced by legend Peter Cook What a waste

Mudrock 14 May 2015

Always loved this track...   1

josephinazat 18 Oct 2014