I'm Your Pusher by Ice-T


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but domtak was first  

Ice, Ice Muthafuckin' T!

Twanlaveesh 16 Sep 2012

working on my Ice-T Halloween Costume, trying to get into character. Going to watch New Jack City next   1

ilivethepoplife 22 Oct 2012

From the days when 'gangsta rap' was about music

SimonAtford 29 Apr 2012

From the Golden Age of hip hop. I'm Your Pusher by @FinalLevel

troywass 3 Nov 2014

1988. The scene? Me, high school, Raiders jacket, Raiders cap, LA Gear sneaks... Compton? No, Rochdale!

domtak 23 Mar 2012

Stickin with the 'good cop' thing, Ice-T really wasn't as bad as I always thought he was. Just listen and feel the beat. It's not 'bout bi***s and dope at all! He only had to worry about Stichting Brein", and he was just laughing at them. (Brein is like the lapdog of corporate interest e.g. profits and such)

HvanDoorne 8 Sep 2013