Oh My God (Official Video) by Ida Maria

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but dr_jigs was first  

Oh my god, you think it's all for fun?

VoxMachinam 21 Jan 2015

First heard it on 6Music - was differentgood, kept popping up on last.fm, makes me stop/listen each time.   1

revdancatt 15 Dec 2011

Well, this little ditty just tore my head right out of its moorings.

SchorkWeek 11 Jan 2014

find a cure for my life   1

wizardofvore 12 Mar 2014

I like the way this song falls apart at the end.

philiph 28 Mar 2014

The lead singer has a genetic condition that makes here see colors whenever she hears or plays music. The better the light show, she says the better the song. However she also passes out from the over exertion that she puts into her life performances. She is like a Nordic version of Courtney Love. In a world of Lana de Reys & Britney Spears, a chick that lays all out there is someone to be cherished and adored.

Lighthouses4ALL 5 Jan 2014