Let It Go by Idina Menzel

“This is Annika's favorite new song and movie”

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This is Annika's favorite new song and movie

kaijacobson1 14 Dec 2013

#Frozen is released today! Can't wait to see it. Been jamming to this song off the #soundtrack ever since it was released!

carolineliddick 27 Nov 2013

Am developing an addiction to the Frozen soundtrack, partly courtesy of my son.   4

markcmphillips 4 May 2014

Saw Frozen with the girlie yesterday - this was our favourite bit   1

JoLoup 13 Jan 2014

So, it was my little girl's 5th Birthday today - I asked her what her favourite song was... Tomorrow's party is the same theme... Go on, embrace your inner Disney Princess-selves...   18

MadameZia 20 Mar 2015

#Disney #magic

hillarygarrison 20 Feb 2015