Lust For Life by Iggy Pop


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Oh Iggy. How did you keep on rockin' your stardust for so long.. ;) This song makes me dance around in my PJ's in the living room while everyone else is sleeping.

evahopkins 10 Sep 2015

A song for Monday, and Iggy's birthday.   6

metallicagirl 21 Apr 2014

This one goes out to the jam team

Nickita 17 Aug 2015

Watched Trainspotting last night. The quality of this movie is rivaled only by the quality of its soundtrack.   6

pwoperfish 19 Feb 2014

From one of the BEST film soundtracks. Trainspotting.   10

markhyson 17 Sep 2015

"Good Chips"!....Archive This...TIMJ!   1

fraserclaymore 17 Sep 2015