Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

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My son played this at his guitar concert today so it's in my head. Very proud mum alert. It's not a bad song either.   1

cheeseonastick 1 May 2015

Saw them at Phillips Arena Last night. One of the best live acts I have seen in awhile. Great performers and musicians. This song was the highlight of the show.   1

gingrich1 15 Jul 2015

#OccupyTurkey #OccupyAnkara #OccupyGezi   10

bariscamlidere 15 Jun 2013

I'd been hoping to Jam, Imagine Dragons 'Battle Cry' from the hotly anticipated 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' movie, but as it is yet to be officially released, will have to make do with something from their back catalogue!#notquitethejamiwantedtojamjam   4

Cornishson73 26 May 2014

Ace song! Check it out here   5

inspirasean 5 Nov 2012