Solo Dancing by Indiana


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I go dancing, by myself, I go dancing, so intense... Of course, not yet available in the US of A. #trendsetter #dance "Don’t hold back my dance devotion It’s the path that I have chosen, Hypnotized by the raw emotion Music stop and the spell is broken"

SaraCsIt 1 Apr 2014

A sultry, sexy and dark dance floor endeavor by the fantastic Indiana. Imagine if Kylie/your fave did this...

divdavd 4 Feb 2014

When's the album going to be on Spotify? When? WHEN?!   7

Niels_Footman 3 May 2014

Dark, defiant and full of insidious promises, I've been in love with this song for about a year now.Thanks for your strength @Indianathegirl , it just get more and more perfect.

TerriiiW 29 Apr 2015

lyrics. Voice. Lyrics. You know the drill by now.. X   1

BekkiSymes 5 Dec 2014

watch me as i go

sparzheg 18 May 2014