Evil by Interpol


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but chimante was first  

Counting down to the end of This is my Jam; my #10 fav song ever (as of right now)

jmacfarlane 17 Sep 2015

It's not like Im still terrified of that puppet or anything...   2

Grayling 20 May 2012

'It took a life span, with no cell mate...' A danceable song about Fred & Rosemary West? Only Interpol.   1

CallumPetch 17 Sep 2012

In honour of the kick off of Interpol's second leg of their world tour next Friday in Amsterdam. Very much looking forward to it. They'll be on the road for half a year. Catch them if you can. :)  (Evil was released 3 January 2005 as the second single from Interpol's second album Antics)   14

dutchbeeblebrox 18 Jan 2015

Its got to be this song if just for the clip..

chimante 7 Feb 2012

So now we're in the final month of #TIMJ. I only had one song after this planned. Eh, I'll figure something out. #lastjams

SpaceGoatJr 29 Aug 2015