Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden

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Fear of the dark!

PinkFloydian 9 Nov 2013

Even when he's sharing a stage with the likes of Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davies, Phil Anselmo, Ivan Moody, and Till Lindemann, Bruce Dickinson's sheer showmanship shone right through. What a fucking weekend!   7

pwoperfish 17 Jun 2013

Fear of The Duck?

dasli 24 Nov 2014

Maybe I've just listened to this song too much but I'm convinced the flag of this album cover on my boyfriends wall is haunted because it moves when there's no breeze o.O   10

IndiHatter 7 Jan 2014

Halloween's getting close.

mtoler 22 Oct 2014

FEAR OF THE DUCK! I can't unhear this now! Damn it!   5

metallicagirl 19 Aug 2014